How To Download From YouTube music?

YouTube is one of the major video sharing platforms and millions of videos can be found in the database. However, it requires a working network connection to be able to access the original content. You can watch YouTube videos on the app even when you don’t have a working internet connection by downloading videos on the app. This can fairly work on times when you travel to places where there is no internet.

If you are used to watching videos on your phone’s app as it is more convenient to have access to all kinds of videos and audio in a single app. Therefore, the only option is to download all your videos on your smartphone. There are various ways to download videos from YouTube and YouTube Music and we will show how to download from youtube music.

We seriously don’t consider ripping audio from Audio as it is considered to be a serious breach of laws of YouTube. As artist earn a small revenue from YouTube, therefore consider legitimate ways first to be able to enjoy content and at the same time continue to support the artist/content creators.

 For Android smartphones

Downloading music and videos from YouTube and YouTube music has become easier due to the availability of apps like VidMate and SnapTube. To use this app is very easy, but it has been found that Google PlayStore currently removed it from its platform. Therefore, it can’t be found in the app store but you can download the APK files.

Some of the trusted websites which have a huge collection of APK files are,, etc. Apart from VidMate and SnapTube, there are various kinds of files available. If the app(s) that you are looking for is not available in your country then you can download from the above mention websites.

Step to Download:

 Install the app

·         Run the program

·         Open YouTube or YouTube Music

·         Select the file you want to download

·         Click on the share via SnapTube/VidMate

·         Select the format you want to download.

For Desktop/ PC

There are websites that offer to download videos and music from YouTube but it has been found out that some of the website uses do unethical ways to earn money so watch out.

Step to download:

·         Copy the URL of the file

·         Head to websites like YTMP3,, YTD

·         Paste the link

·         Choose a file format

·         Start downloading by clicking on the file


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